June 22nd, 2007


Mmmmm...Big Apple...

Back from the big city--the reading went well, I had swanky dinners with my agent and birthday girl rosefox, sinboy, amalthya, and the impeccably awesome rosemom.

The latter motely crew and I attended the Preservation Hall Jazz Band's amazing concert--my first jazz concert, and probably impossible to beat. They played great songs, including my new favorite: I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Katie, of which I MUST get a recording, sung by a 70 year old man shimmying for all he was worth. They shot confetti out of their trumpets and gamely played When the Saints Go Marching In, despite being more or less completely sick of it and saying so. We sang along and danced in the aisles and waved umbrellas indoors and had a fabulous time. I also learned that the full lyrics to You Are My Sunshine, which I had intended to learn so that I could sing it to grailquestion, as she is very attached to the song, are actually completely awful and should not be sung to anyone. It's about a lover who left and there's a definite "and now I'm gonna get you and dump you in the river" vibe to it. Makes the chorus really creepy.

I also met burkean finally! After four years of online friendship, it took me a full minute to recognize him, with that weird collapsing of real face into photographs one sometimes has on meeting someone in person. Perhaps he will forgive the over-effusive reaction to this recognition. I think I actually squeed, for real, in public. I fully admit that I was not really interested in talking to anyone else after he showed up, but he's pretty much as great in person as online and it felt like meeting an old, old friend that you've become very bad at calling as of late.

Other than that, standard NYC. I feel ridiculously grown up and capable there, walking in Midtown among all those buildings and being able to navigate the subway more or less on my own, not to mention walking into the Random House building because I kind of work there. That's just insane. But I feel like an adult, one who can do anything there. I feel real. I feel real at home, too, but despite the "you gotta be tough" motto, Cleveland is less convincing as to the heroic awesomeness of its inhabitants. I prefer "what happens in Cleveland stays in Cleveland," anyway. ;)

I would also like to propose that we just remove the state of Pennsylvania so that I can drive directly from Ohio the New York. This is the fourth time I've been stuck in traffic across the entire frigging state and I've had it. THE WHOLE STATE CANNOT BE UNDER CONSTRUCTION AT THE SAME TIME, PENNDOT. Ugh. I didn't get back into town till almost 1 am, despite leaving at a perfectly good hour.

But now I am home, and justbeast and I are immediately bound, this evening, for Canada by sail on the good ship Persephone. I can't wait--I've been looking forward to this trip for weeks. Slightly stormy weather, good books in the cabin, fish on the grill, my boy and Lake Erie and I. Can't beat it.

I am a happy Cat.
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