June 18th, 2007

c is for cat

Stuff and Nonsense

I haven't posted, more or less, because I've been on the boat more than on land. I love it there--it's breezy and bright and blue, and there are fish and herons and geese. But it is occasionally good to touch down on solid earth.

There is a big post about Life Stuff on mirrorspindle--and if you know me reasonably well and are not friended, let me know and I'll put you on. That is what has eaten personal time lately. Mainly I've been cranking out poetry for the new collection and reading Inside the Victorian Home, which I want to talk about but the manuscript to be proofed is glaring at me. No, Cat! You may not post about your Victorian childhood and women's work until you have serviced meeeeee!


I'm also driving to NYC tomorrow for rosefox's birthday and the KGB reading on Wednesday (this means you, burkean. I expect to see you!) This means if you're there in that window, we could hang and be disaffected together. I'll even wear black.

Life goes along. Too fast, usually.
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