June 12th, 2007

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Week in Review

Exciting writing things:

The Jane Eyre edition containing my introduction is now available! I'm very proud of what I wrote, though it was hard to verbalize how I feel about Jane and it took me ages to set it down on paper. This is the only place you can read it, I won't be posting it online or anything, so if you want to know what I finally said, hie ye hence to Amazon.

And if you have a free evening tomorrow, I'm giving a poetry reading at Mac's Backs in Coventry at 7:30. Probably a little from Apocrypha and some as-yet-uncollected work. If you're in NYC next week, I'll be reading from A Dirge for Prester John at KGB as part of the Interfictions on the 20th (Wednesday, naturally) and will be in town from the 19th to the 21st.

Other things:

I got in a car accident last week. I'm fine, the car has body damage but the engine is fine, hopefully all the insurance crap will work out, despite the woman who hit me being a fucking crazy person (forgive me for not wanting to relay this story for the millionth time--but yes, she hit me, but it went down as my fault due to a technicality. Shouldn't have been changing lanes there). Not much else to say--accidents suck, I feel equal parts dumb and indignant, and now there is a lot of stupid paperwork to manhandle. Bleh.

owlswater has been in town all week and this means more Magic playing than a mortal girl could stand. Fortunately, I am only mortal on alternate Tuesdays. We've been at theferrett's house more than ours for most of the week, and I've certainly learned a lot, having never played Limited before and being an all around n00b at the game. But I find I really enjoy it, more than I ever thought I would, recalling the boys of draining animus hunched around tables in high school staring at cards. But it's pretty damn fun, even if it totally eats your brain. I still have a little terror of looking like an idiot in front of all these old hats, but it usually passes, like stage fright.

One also discovered that one highly approves of owlswater on general principles.

However, there is one thing that really irritates me about Magic.

There is no earthly reason for the novels to be as bad as they are.

There are very decent ideas in these cards, story-seeds ranging from dreadful to passable to the rare awesome. There is just no reason for crap to come out when the novelization occurs. Are there some kind of controls on the writers from WotC? X creatures per chapter? Y spells from Z edition in each book? Even so, why so bad?

Part of me, the decidely evil and ill-advised part, is tempted to look into writing one, just because I know I could do it well. If, you know, under a pen name,, as I have a healthy and muscular sense of shame. It is probably a horrendously bad idea and I'm sure they pay crap, but I just don't understand why they have to suck. Is suckage in the contract?

I also participated in my first off-console role playing game last week, joining theferrett's Planescape campaign. I think that means my journey towards the Dark Side of Geek is complete.

In real world news, justbeast and I spent Sunday and Monday afternoon on the boat, which was wonderful beyond words. I want to live aboard, I really do. I could be happy for a very long time river-wending and gulf-splashing. For now, there is Erie, whom I have come to love, and very many fish, and swimming in the sun.

And barbeque tonight. It must be summer or something.
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