April 4th, 2007

c is for cat

Stupid Admin Tricks

The fun never stops!

1500 words on Spindle today, hopefully some more by the time the day is done. Updated both orphanstales.com and cmv.com so that they are up to date.

And put together the mailing list for the Orphan's Tales Gallery Show. If you want to be a part of this and you have not emailed me, now is the time to do it. If you do not receive an email today, I do not have your information. Please do submit if you were on the fence--it's all kinds of exciting. New York gallery show--can't beat it with a stick, and the IAF is on board.

That said, exciting stuff in that email! You want to get it!

I am very tired. justbeast and I are going down to the Smoky Mountains for the weekend, and that will be good, because I will be doing something other than working. Next week is the Bookslut reading in Chicago--Wednesday the 11th, at the Hopleaf, 7:30pm. Be there or be turned into a newt!

I get a little giddy before I'm about to fall the hell over.

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Beautiful Beads

All your jewelers out there...

bards_and_beads has chosen The Orphan's Tales as its book for April and May! This means a bunch of ridiculously cool people are making jewelry based on the book. I was secretly hoping they would, eventually, because the idea of that community is just so damn cool.

And I'll do the kids in that estimable comm one better--I'll be keeping a close eye on the community and I'll choose my favorite piece, buy it, and wear it at the Tiptree ceremony at the end of May, to be seen on Flickr streams everywhere! If I can't decide I'll put it to a poll here.
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