March 6th, 2007


For the Love of Catnyp

Sorry for the lack of postage--I'm swamped with work. Hopefully I'll see the light by the end of the week.

But this morning brought some very pleasant news--the New York Public Library has selected The Orphan's Tales for their 2007 Books for the Teen Age List. Thus I may make like a teen and w00t. There's a reception for authors and such on March 24th, and of course I really want to go--anyone in the New York area willing to put up an authoress and her two erstwhile companions on the 23rd and 24th?

I've never actually been to the Library before.

I <3 librarians.

(Also, I need some kind of triumphant icon for times like these. How, with 78 icons, can I still need more?)
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