February 14th, 2007

can't sleep

If Worse Comes To Worse, I Reserve the Right to Eat My Neighbor

Ooooookay. Snow.

We are under something like two feet of snow out here in Ohio--it is very pretty, but it took two hours to clear the driveway sufficient to contain a car this morning. Roads are unplowed in many parts of the state.

This means I may not be able to make it out of town tomorrow morning. If I can't, there is no reason to assume I can then drive through upstate New York, which is full of exciting snow and closed highways, on Friday. Thus, there is a chance I will not make it to Boskone, or New York City, this weekend.

I am going to try my damnedest to make it, but everyone expecting me should be aware that the situation is very white and cold and icy and could that LJ frontpage be any uglier? Jesus.

Anyway. That's the news from Fort Frozen. How is everyone else holding up?
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