January 30th, 2007


Because the Only Place in Town What Carries It Is 45 Minutes Away

2muchexposition, who is made of awesome, typed all this out for me, so here I present it to you, should you, you know, care. And also for me so that I can remember to excerpt it on the website.

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Still very sick, in other news. Still very snowing, for which I am glad. Trying to decide if flying to Boston is a better bet than driving, even if it would mean missing a fun stopover in New York.
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c is for cat

Poetry is Fun, Kids

A bit chagrined at such a self-serving post? Yep. But I can't even keep track of the poetry I've published in the last year, so here's the thing:

Nominations for the Rhysling Award close February 12th. This is the only real award for speculative poetry going at the moment, and if anyone is a member of the SFPA and was loss as to what to nominate for the long form poetry category (as I don't really do short form), do consider these (links where they are available online):

The Child Bride of the Lost City of Ubar
, Endicott Studio Summer/Fall
The Eight Legs of Grandmother Spider Mythic 1
The Descent of Inanna, Papaveria Press (Ha, VERY long)
Suttee, Jabberwocky
Pasiphae's Machine, Heliotrope Magazine
The Descent of the Corn-Queen of the Midwest, Mythic Delirium
Helen in the Underworld, Lone Star Stories
The Frog-Wife, Lone Star Stories
Past the Rivers, Goblin Fruit
The Inkmaker's Wife, Electric Velocipede
Anatmy of a Yes, Electric Velocipede

I'm pretty sure that's all. Thanks for giving it a thought, if you do.

I need to write a few poems and short stories, I think, to transition from The Orphan's Tales-voice to the next novel, so before me this week are the immortal questions: pirate story or prostitute story first? Is a monastery in hell a terrible idea? Don't I think I can safely lay off fairy tales for awhile?

There is also a criminal lack of hot chocolate in this house.
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