October 18th, 2005


Pretties in the Shop Window

So, there's a new, specially spiffy magazine out there in the world, and I'm in it.

Fantasy Magazine, along with Jabberwocky, is one of Wildside Press's new collections of fabulous beasts, and besides me there are wild and woolly Vandermeers, Mamatases, Fords, Taaffes and Nazarians to be glimpsed within its folds.

My story is called Bones Like Black Sugar, which a few of you may have heard me read at Wiscon, and it is a rather dark take on Hansel and Gretel--with weird sex and candy, because, you know, it's me.

The first review came out today, and it was very positive--read it here. Of my little effort, it said:

"Bones Like Black Sugar" by Catherynne M. Valente is an expansion of the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretl."  It's short, but Valente's lush prose makes it feel as intricately crafted as a full-length novel.  Gretl, who is not named but is obviously the child heroine grown up, finds that she regrets her part in the story.  She has become a simple woman who has been pressed into unwilling service to the brother she saved.

Valente has a way of writing that feels like a fever dream.  She uses dense detail that takes on a texture of its own until the story seems to be set against a backdrop of expensive, yet tasteful, brocade.  It is a gorgeous story that I enjoyed quite a bit.

I think we're all pretty proud of the work that went into this, and I highly encourage you all to pick up a copy--one of the cheaper ways to get your fix of the strange and beautiful. Plus, Vandermeer's story is an excerpt from his new novel, set in the Ambergris universe, and I know a few of you have to be as excited about that as I am.

Pick up your copy over yonder.
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