October 17th, 2005


O Lonely Urchin, the widow cried...

New column up, an addendum to the Mario Deconstructive Fever:

Fear and Loathing in the Mushroom Kingdom

Go and see, go and see. Then you will understand the icon. Yes, you may gank it.

Also, went to see The Decemberists on Saturday, which I've been trying to do for ages, and there isn't really much to say but OMGOMGSEASHANTYLOVE! Hands down the best live show I've ever been to, and we are all wearing our new band t-shirts, and I'm all fangirly. Usually I go to concerts because someone called me up and said "Hey, you wanna see Tori Amos? She's in town." And I say, "Sure, I have one of her albums, she's pretty good." And then I get into her after the concert. So it goes with many others. But this one I was all excited for, planned for, arranged my schedule to be here for, and I knew all the songs, and OMGWTFWHALEJAWS!

Best band ever, and wins for the use of such words as "palanquin," "lariat," and "pachyderm" with total ease.

Also, they managed the crowd energy extraordinarily well, from teasing us by holding back the well-known lyrics to instructing us all to scream as though we were being eaten by a whale to making everyone sit down on the floor like it was nap-time in preschool for the reedy, thin soprano bit of "Chimbley Sweep," only to have the whole room burst up again when the chorus kicked in. We were totally in the palms of their hands.

Whoa. Live music is amazing. You forget, in this word of ipods and mp3s. I want to say some serious stuff about that, but this entry is for squeeing.

Colin Meloy pwnz me. Yea verily, I would have his scruffy, strip-ed, verbose babies.
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This Thing, Which You Will See EVARYWHERE

Oh, and the voting is going on for The Babes of Xmas.

I don't expect to get in, even though I had a lot of nominations. The fact is, a lot of other girls want it way, way more, and are willing to do way, way more to get it, and take off far, far more once they do.

These are my pics from last year. I'm a modest girl in my kimono.

But should you want to see pics of me, possibly painted like a medieval manuscript, you vote here.

But you know, I have "back," and am zoftig, and ain't no soft porn cover girl, so you may want to vote for the actual cheesecake. Also, I ain't no hollaback girl. I don't know what that is, but I'm fairly sure I'm not one. Also, bananas. See? I'm so "with it."
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