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Congratulations! Omedetou!

That's a hell of a blurb on the cover.

And well said! Every work of yours that I've read treads with strength and integrity through the world. Thank you for sharing!

Congratulations! As an American of Japanese ancestry (3rd generation) who has never visited Japan, I've found your Japan-ish stories interesting, so I definitely look forward to the collection. Yay for Mr. Nick and VIZ!

That is an awesome cover. And I look forward to reading the book.

Wonderful cover! I've already pre-ordered my copy and can't wait to sink into your wonderful stories! During the wait I'm enjoying Holly Phillips' short stories of awe, wonder and scariness.

Looking forward to it!

How do you feel about your Japanese-themed writing compared to, say, the Russian-themed writing of Deathless? Is there a giant qualitative difference or is it just farther out along the other-culture spectrum?

Awesome! Can't wait! Just pre-ordered it.

That is an amazing cover. I'm so excited that Viz decided to ask you for this book. I've read their manga for ages, and when I saw who was putting it out, that gave me extra squee.

Congratulations! I'm looking forward to it.

Angela Carter put out a collection of stories heavily influenced by her time in Japan; you're in fine company. Congratulations on both new works and also simultaneous translation! That's really fantastic. :D

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