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Woot! *waits patiently for the book to arrive in the mail*

For us Europeans: the hardcover is not available on Amazon UK but you can get it from The book depository.

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My copy is in the post. In combination with the first volume, it will make the most perfect gift for my daughter's reading. Thank you thank you thank you!


I can't wait to read it. I have been looking forward to this for MONTHS.


Not sure how to post a link to the Facebook post. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel. And the sequel to the sequel. Etc...

FYI - in FB if you click the "posted X minutes/hours/days ago" link it will take you to the post itself, and you can copy the URL from the browser there.

i'm really looking forward to reading this. just ordered it! i posted on my facebook page and also my twitter feed.


so looking forward to this... I'll get to read it twice in read succession; once to myself, and once aloud to my kids (after we finish up the Hobbit again)

link: http://www.facebook.com/michiganherbalist

I'm very sad that you're not coming anywhere near me, I'd love to hear you speak. Planning on nabbing your book this week to show my support and love for your wonderful imagination. Have a great week, and good luck on tour!

Edit: Linked on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/cristine.larsen

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I just got my copy of #2 but can't start reading yet because my partner and I read together at bedtime (d'aww) and we're still in the middle of a Discworld novel. Alas! It's sitting on the top of the bedside to-read pile. So psyched!

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=391640230905410&set=a.384824828253617.85124.100001783098509&type=1&theater (I don't know if that will be visible)

Hooray! I pre-ordered it from my local shop, so I'm just waiting for them to call and let me know it's ready for pick up! :-)

I retweeted your release announcement on twitter! And then added a bit more squee in this tweet

Just bought it for my Kindle; I'm excited! I so-very-much loved the first Fairyland book and I've been telling all my friends with kids that it's an absolute must-read. :)

Oh and also I posted about it: http://pen-grunt.livejournal.com/215983.html

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Signal boosted!

Also, I'm doing a giveaway through the Fairyland RPG Twitter and Facebook. One winner from each site who follows/likes the FairylandRPG Twitter/Facebook page and shares the giveaway Tweet/status update by 4:00pm PST TODAY will receive a hardcopy or ebook of the second book for themselves, and a hardcopy or ebook of the first book for a friend.

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Challenge accepted!

I have totally abused my Examiner privileges and shamelessly gushed all over the place here:


(It will rebroadcast itself automagically to Twitter and Facebook. More volume! More cowbell! More more more!)

I'm so glad you're having two Denver-area dates! I was heartbroken when something I've been waiting all summer to do rescheduled itself for October 2, opposite your Boulder visit. So my husband and I will brave the Presidential Debate traffic to come see you tomorrow night in Denver. So! Much! Squee!

Also: Am very much looking forward to the rest of the Wild West Snow White novella you read us an excerpt of at World Con. I won't ask "how long?" but will wait patiently with only a very minimal amount of nail-biting and whining. Pat me on the head, I am a good puppy. :-)

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Re: Challenge accepted!

I think it's coming out in february or thereabouts? Not totally sure. Yay! See you tomorrow!

I was already excited about this one, but doubly so after reading your underworld posts about it. Thanks for your lovely and terrible brain candy.

Twitter Post (http://twitter.com/alwright1/status/253171375307636736)

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So, so looking forward to this one. Thank you!

I have mentioned Revels a few times before; my latest post is here:


It cross-posts to livejournal (same name) and I linked it in my Facebook status.

It's a wonderful book and I hope it does well.

Tweeted, and I will be at the reading in Boulder tonight!

I admit I skimmed through most of this entry in abject terror of spoilers of any kind or level. I can't wait to read this though! And I did catch enough to see your prize box which sound GLORIOUS. So The Girl Who... is included here (she was anyway, but ya know):


It's my recipe for citrouilles aux fées. Seemed an auspicious day to post it. Your book's behind the "citrouilles" link!


Happy bookbirthday!! Buying soon as I get to the store, for I have a prepaid card that I don't want to try to figure out how to add/remove on the various sites, and it bribes me to go do my other errands tomorrow if I can promise myself a book for them.
Linked to it on facebook and tagged you (username listed there as Jami Leigh), because I couldn't figure out how to actually link to the post.
And I will see you in Collegeville, because yeah, this is why I moved north. I get to see awesome authors and musicians and assorted other awesomeness!

Happy book birthday!

Tweeted and Facebooked (reference here: https://www.facebook.com/michaelu).

Best of luck,

I am so happy to have this! See, this week, I am getting laid off. Which sucks, but frankly, is a relief, as it was soul killing and I need a change. This book shall be my comfort as I take a break for a week, get my Etsy shop in gear and unfuck a bit of my life.
So, tweeted and FBed here: https://www.facebook.com/lyssaheartsong

I can't wait to see you in Collegeville!!! *HUGS*


Which I would have said anyway, even without the promise of potential mead.

Woohoo! Congrats! I shall go forth and buy it forthwith!

Happy book birthday! I loved the first book, and cannot wait to read the second one. I'm hoping to attend your reading in Collegeville, PA. In the meantime, I've tweeted about the book, and plan to write a proper blog post about it later this week. Congratulations!



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