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I'm disappointed I'm no longer in Philly to catch you during your downtime, but I'm looking forward to seeing you in NH!

*hugs* Best, warmest, shiniest of autumn luck to you, hirra.

Wonderful travels, dear one. *hugs*

Good Luck!
See you in St Louis!

If you're in need of any of these things in MyTown, please reach out to me and mine. We Love You.

Salamander Mangymoose.

See you in Collegeville! Travel safely and take care of yourself as much as possible!

I wish you the best. =) I miss you lots.

Your photos on twitter are totally hot BTW. Your hair at the HUGO awards. STUNNING! The black and red sweater outfit. SEXY! I just wish I was more internet social to comment and crap. That and have a twitter account and what not. =(

Anywho.... Have a great tour. Think about coming to NYC to relax for a few days if you want. We have a room and will give you a key and not bother you and give you health, tasty, yummy home cooked foods. Plus we have a cute toddler. =)


I'll be in NYC for one day on...the 29th I think? Would love to see you guys!

And *blush* thank you!

Good Luck!! Wish you were coming to Seattle!!

I'm in Philly and it looks like I'm free on the 24th if you are looking for dinner companions in the city proper. Can't make the reading - my choir has a recording session, so we can finish up the thing we were doing back in the spring.

Is there a reading in Philadelphia that I'm just missing somehow, or are you talking about a reading elsewhere?

It's in Collegeville. And SJ is performing with me!

Collegeville. Not State College.
That one's a bit more feasible. If I can involve a car.

Looks like the reading is the previous day in Collegeville.

On the very rare occasions when you can get food that is cooked at home and not at a restaurant, or something leafy and dark green (not the anemic green of fast food salads), or anything that feels wholesome and not like another layer of extruded protein product from the labs of Pluto, your body just weeps from gratitude.

At WorldCon a couple of years ago, I remember almost bursting into tears when I walked into the Tor party and saw a platter of fresh fruit and vegetables. I'd never been so happy to see strawberries and broccoli in my entire life.

When I was taking frequent road trips with my sister in law we made it a firm rule that at least once a day we would eat food we didn't have to unwrap while we sitting down somewhere other than the car.

Otherwise we would end up acting like we'd been raised by wolves who hunted by speaking into a clown's mouth- but that part might have just been us.

So wish I was not going to be absent the day you are here. Travel well!! Much magic!

Good luck! And I can't wait to read it.

I'm sorry I can't make it to Cincy to see you and to feed you. I hope all goes well!

Cat! So excited you are coming to September's hometown this tour. We'll be so glad to have you! If you need anything when in the middle of almost nowhere, don't hesitate to ask!

Best of luck to you, and your continued sanity

collecting some piece of kitsch from every state.

Ha! I remember when we did that, once!


Yes! Just what I was thinking of.

If you ever make it to Sydney, Australia, I promise you as many home cooked meals as you desire. Also a bed if you need it. However, I presume that people more worthy than I in our small community will be able to do the same.

Can't wait to see you in Lansing! Your fledgling Lansing Gang will take good care of you!

Five long years in Lansing and you tour there the year after I leave? BOO. Schuler does nice tour setups, and the organizer (if it is still Whitney) is really great. Hope you have a blast.

Well, if for some reason you end up in San Diego, I would be thrilled to bring you something home cooked. :)

No mn dates? Bah! I hope it is lovely all the same, and that you find ways to give yourself what you need, and to accept it when it flashes into view.

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