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You will get an update email (due to Thurs) soon! Also, I have another handy dandy idea. *cryptic*

Then Hugos! Then Hugos Losers Party!

Hopefully you'll be at the winners party! (Along with Seanan.)

I would vote for readings from the new Fairyland book but will be stuck somewhere else.

Oddly enough, I'd totally bet that the Losers Party would be way more fun.

(That said, Good Luck, Cat! Win All The Awards!)

Yes, this! Bring home ALL THE THINGS.

It usually is, but winners get to go now as well.

This is a blessing in disguise! Because now when you win all the awards you will get to go to the fun party! It's a win-win for everyone involved!

If you are in Chicago and have time, I recommend the Vosges Purple house at the Armitage metro stop (brown line) for sheer prettiness and glamour, plus ice cream and chilled chocolate drinks.Uncle Fun (a few blocks past the Belmont stop (red line). If you are interested in clubbing Neo is still a tiny goth/80s tiny club and I have heard it is still very fun.
If you go to the Palmer House (Hilton) they have amazing art nouveau-kindaclassical art on the ceilings. It's gorgeous.
Alchemy Arts is a fine occult bookstore and they sell jewelry made by a classmate of mine. Also, the Museum of Art-oh wow.

These are all the things I can personally vouch for but have a great time.

Glad to see you pop up for air on here. =)

I am sending positive vibes to your for the Hugos. =)


My sweetie lisagems is head of logistics for the convention. Sadly, I will not be there. If I'd known you would be, I might have tried harder to find a way to go!

ooohhhhhh Kambriel dress! I'm hoping for pictures! Just went to the website to drool! If I ever have a special occasion that would call for it, I would want a Kambriel dress.

Have a fantastic time at Worldcon!

Glad you are ok. <3 Have a wonderful time at the hugos Cat.

Hmm. I'm too tired to recall atm whether there's a writing equivalent to "Good hunting" out there.

Glad to see you surface.

I'll be at Worldcon this year too! Would love to check out the panel on Identity on Friday, but alas its during the block when I am in my Writers' Workshop at the con.

Good luck at the Hugos and hope to see you around the con!

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