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You have a much greater blog readership than I - but I've had the no-anonymous-comments policy in place for years (partly because I can be a vaguely political target, given my ethnic background (which I do not hide) and my occasional vigorous defense of that against uninformed trolls who always know better than I possibly could, natch.) I also have a moderation layer that only people on my friends list are able to post comments directly - anyone else, even if they do have an LJ account and handle, gets screened FIRST, before they ever see the light of day on my journal.

What happens next is that I get a notification that I had a "screened" comment which I can glance at in my LJ-filter inbox - and if necessary I can simply delete right there. If it's a decent comment by someone who just ddoesn't happen to be on a white-list, I'll leave it up. If not, it's just gone. You're right, my journal, my rules.

Good luck.

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