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"you decide to treat me like a bleating little girl and say that my post has been elevated to relevance only by a man's notice of it"

Oh, god, I remember that. That was so *facepalmy* that it is forever etched in my brain.

"So, in the tradition of the self-policing space that this always was, I am asking for your help. If you feel a comment has stepped over the line, or that a thread has passed usefulness and entered tail-chasing territory, please leave a comment with the words: Miss Bennet disapproves."

Thank you, btw, for making this part clear. I am sorry that you feel the need to say this - and oh, god, so not happy about everything that has lead up to this - but I know there are times that I hesitate to take idiots like the one above down because I fear I may be overstepping a line and trying to do you job for you. Knowing that you are wanting us to help out not only makes me feel better about some of the stuff I posted in the thread you mentioned above, it means I will, indeed, be more likely to help when I can.

Lastly, lots of *hugs* as well for, well, everything.

I think it's the best way to try to preserve the good aspects of the culture here. After ten years, it's not just my blog, there is an established community, and they have the right to maintain their stake in this space as well.

And a phrase like MBD is innocuous enough to not send people into a frenzy (I hope) while letting them know a warning flag is down. Without using sports metaphors.

And please, with shit like the "elevated" guy, feel free to cluebat. Like I said, it serves a purpose to illustrate the thesis of the post--I just wish people weren't so damned predictable.

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