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Never knew that you had an open policy for comments in the first place. Glad you changed it. I can see Nick handling that kind of shit because he loves to get into it with trolls and stupid people. I know that I have banned a few dozen people in the ten years of having a livejournal and turned off anonymous comments the day I got a rather lengthy anonymous comment about how the guy found my old Web site, then spent all day at work trying to find my blog for the sole reason of telling me that he hates me.

I was almost flattered that I could inspire that much effort.

But good for you for being so patient with assholes. More patient than I've ever been. And good for you for knowing when it's time to disengage from that bullshit.

I have always had, yeah. There are some posts where I talk about it, but clearly not enough that new people understood what the culture was.

And I don't enjoy getting into it with trolls or even sincere but hostile commenters. You will never, ever change anyone's mind on the internet in comment sections. Posts, maybe. Comments, never.

At least not right away. I think I was a lot more hostile to feminist critiques and terms like heteronormative at one point, if I remember the arguments that I've had with you well.

I came around but definitely not right away and usually not from any arguments that were made (as intelligent as they might have been) but only from the examination of my own prejudices and biases (and the show Mad Men. Mad Men has definitely influenced me)

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