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Miss Bennet disapproves of the need for this, but agrees that such need exists.

I hope you don't have to use extreme options very often. I'm not going to say "never" as that would be unrealistic. I intend to stick around long enough to find out unless you'd rather I not.

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I approve of Miss Bennet.

(Partially because I love Pride and Prejudice). I have always seen this space as an extension of your home, and you have been oh so patient.

Re: I approve of Miss Bennet.

I have also seen it that way. And as such naively expected that people would comport themselves as though it were my home, and if they did not, that the other guests would dump cocktails in their lap and that would be that.

Time to lock up the liquor, I guess.

Never knew that you had an open policy for comments in the first place. Glad you changed it. I can see Nick handling that kind of shit because he loves to get into it with trolls and stupid people. I know that I have banned a few dozen people in the ten years of having a livejournal and turned off anonymous comments the day I got a rather lengthy anonymous comment about how the guy found my old Web site, then spent all day at work trying to find my blog for the sole reason of telling me that he hates me.

I was almost flattered that I could inspire that much effort.

But good for you for being so patient with assholes. More patient than I've ever been. And good for you for knowing when it's time to disengage from that bullshit.

I have always had, yeah. There are some posts where I talk about it, but clearly not enough that new people understood what the culture was.

And I don't enjoy getting into it with trolls or even sincere but hostile commenters. You will never, ever change anyone's mind on the internet in comment sections. Posts, maybe. Comments, never.

The title of this post totally undermines my Pride and Prejudice/Heroes for Hire crossover fic, but it's awesome anyway.


Lizzie will crush all comers. You know she'd put the hammer down with polite but brutal efficiency. And tea.

Sorry to hear that it's come to this, and due partially to perceived industry standards for large blogs.

The tension between expectation and reality, especially unvoiced and undiscussed expectation, causes 99 problems.

It is sad but true that some people will take a gracious invitation to a conversation to mean "Barge in screaming at people, put your feet all over the furniture, and set fire to the drapes." Even sadder but more true that the internet provides plenty of opportunities for such. Thus any place for conversation needs either a very small and civil pool of participants, or someone willing and able to enforce a degree of decorum.

I think this is a smart step; my whole life became much better when I started banning people from my online space.

Good luck.

Great, now all I can hear in my head is "Two men enter, one man leaves!"

And again the movie fails the Bechdel Test :)

"you decide to treat me like a bleating little girl and say that my post has been elevated to relevance only by a man's notice of it"

Oh, god, I remember that. That was so *facepalmy* that it is forever etched in my brain.

"So, in the tradition of the self-policing space that this always was, I am asking for your help. If you feel a comment has stepped over the line, or that a thread has passed usefulness and entered tail-chasing territory, please leave a comment with the words: Miss Bennet disapproves."

Thank you, btw, for making this part clear. I am sorry that you feel the need to say this - and oh, god, so not happy about everything that has lead up to this - but I know there are times that I hesitate to take idiots like the one above down because I fear I may be overstepping a line and trying to do you job for you. Knowing that you are wanting us to help out not only makes me feel better about some of the stuff I posted in the thread you mentioned above, it means I will, indeed, be more likely to help when I can.

Lastly, lots of *hugs* as well for, well, everything.

I think it's the best way to try to preserve the good aspects of the culture here. After ten years, it's not just my blog, there is an established community, and they have the right to maintain their stake in this space as well.

And a phrase like MBD is innocuous enough to not send people into a frenzy (I hope) while letting them know a warning flag is down. Without using sports metaphors.

And please, with shit like the "elevated" guy, feel free to cluebat. Like I said, it serves a purpose to illustrate the thesis of the post--I just wish people weren't so damned predictable.

I feel that this youtube video may be relevent to the topic

Jane Austen's Fight Club: "We were no longer 'good society'."

Re: I feel that this youtube video may be relevent to the topic


I'm sorry this is necessary. Here's hoping you don't have to send many people to the Gulag (in an oversized papier-mache mask).

I, for one, welcome our new iron fucking fisted moderator overlord.
...curtsies to Miss Elizabeth Bennet, and asks politely after her sisters.

The Bennet girls are, as ever, kicking ass, taking names, causing scandal, and mending it. Respectively.

I'm now envisioning Thunderdome with lace curtains, and doilies under the weapons next to the teacups. Thank you for that image.

Miss Bennet has exquisite taste and judgement, and I'm sure the Freeze Ray enameling matches her eyes.

I look forward to continued enlightening conversation in your lovely online home. I enjoy your posts very much, almost as much as your fiction.

Correct on all counts.

Also, two men enter, both can leave provided they are accompanied by ladies of fortitude and have not left anyone pregnant or wounded behind them.

I'm a fan of moderated spaces. It can be hard on so many levels to retrofit community management into spaces which never started out that way, so I'm glad to see you're bringing all this in in one fell swoop.

Fucking humans.

Thanks for all of your support on Twitter through this. I haven't always had the strength to reply, but I felt it strongly.

I heartily & politely applaud the policies enumerated & sentiments expressed. Also, this is my new favorite blog post title EVER!

I'm sorry that it's come to this, but grateful if the new rules keep you writing so beautifully into the vast internet space.

My utmost respects to Miss Bennet, and I hope she will not find herself called upon too often.

An iron-fisted, civilized and literary response to an unfortunate situation. Well played, well played.

Plus I get to use my Miss Bennet icon. But I might have to make a Thunderdome icon -- currently I use 7-of-9 before Federation interference for trolls. (grin)

Dr. Phil

I have always admired your patience and stance on the import of allowing people (even when negative) to say their piece in this space. I am a rather impatient person, and while I cognitively recognize some of the advantages and nice things about open commenting, my personality dictates that I would bring down the hammer so hard and fast Thor would be all, "wtf? yr making me look bad." So kudos to you for investing the time into having a more balanced system, and for also always being so passionate about nurturing this community. We love you, despite having never met you, and this blog has allowed us to know you to some extent. Also, (as my last name is Bennett, and I have a fondness for P&P) Miss Bennett heartily approves. ;)

Fate forfend that I ever become internet famous, but if I do, I will model my moderation policy on this.

cheers for moderation

I don't comment often, but the times I have it has always been an interesting and worthy experience. I support you doing whatever you need to do with your space to encourage thoughtful discussion and cut down the signal to noise ratio that drowns us all in static and madness.

My day job is actually moderation, for commercial websites. (And for fun I volunteer my services to help moderate the website for a popular web series.) Moderation can be thankless and exhausting at times. You will wonder if anyone ever bothered to read the guidelines. I highly recommend a notepad of standard text to use when dealing with emails/comments. A line or two about "you've been banned" or "this is unacceptable behavior because REASONS" or whatever works.

You'll think initially that you won't have to type something five hundred times because surely people will see and get it, or eventually people will learn not to do something. But it comes in handy and makes it much more efficient to deal with certain situations. (Like say, waking up to find three hundred comments in a thread about ridiculous drama... oh internets.) Plus, not all your trolls deserve personalized rejection letters. Fuck 'em.

Good luck in this new chapter of internet life.

Re: cheers for moderation

I will add this in.

What you've written here is entirely reasonable. Here's hoping it leads to a jerk-free journal.

These rules all sound highly reasonable and well-thought-out. I am sorry you had to pull them out, but glad to be part (however small) of a community in which these are the laws.

You have a much greater blog readership than I - but I've had the no-anonymous-comments policy in place for years (partly because I can be a vaguely political target, given my ethnic background (which I do not hide) and my occasional vigorous defense of that against uninformed trolls who always know better than I possibly could, natch.) I also have a moderation layer that only people on my friends list are able to post comments directly - anyone else, even if they do have an LJ account and handle, gets screened FIRST, before they ever see the light of day on my journal.

What happens next is that I get a notification that I had a "screened" comment which I can glance at in my LJ-filter inbox - and if necessary I can simply delete right there. If it's a decent comment by someone who just ddoesn't happen to be on a white-list, I'll leave it up. If not, it's just gone. You're right, my journal, my rules.

Good luck.


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