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I also agree completely with this post. And I am saddened by some folks' rhetoric on the internet and the bullying that they inflict on people with what seems to be their own bullshit.

Ironically enough I was just defending Nick Pacione and not just because getting called out by that crazy bastard is an amazing networking opportunity but also because no one cares what he says so engineering these mass attacks to complain about something he said on his blog in order to shut it down is just fucking pathetic.

Also his grandmother just died and as far as I can tell from reading his blogs, she was the only person that ever cared about him or put up with his messhguggas. I know he hates my guts and has leveled all the accusations against me (gay plagiarist who is out to ruin his career and sometimes he gets into the Jew thing but he usually pulls back for fear of seeming anti-semitic) but he is his own worst enemy. THere's nothing anyone can do to him that he hasn't done to himself.

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