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She is now eating only bear.

OMG. *love*

I understand bear is pretty good stuff, actually....

It tends to be a bit greasy but otherwise it is delicious. I recommend grinding it with some moose to make awesome burgers.

I have a recipe in my '64 Joy of Cooking if you want it...

Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you..... your father-in-law is a man made of pure win.

This makes me want to watch My Big Fat Russian Wedding again.
Yeah, you just think it was about greeks.

I was married to a Greek when I first watched it, but no. Now I know better.

In Soviet Russia, bear eats you.

But this is not Soviet Russia!

The worst is when you want a snack in the middle of the night and have to fight a grizzly in the kitchen.

Mighty warrior, russian family... ?

You are a Klingon named Worf, and I claim my five pounds.

(Deleted comment)
This is precisely the kind of exchange my Russian in-laws would have. PRECISELY.

sadly, bear is soooo hard to get in Australia. Koalas don't count.

A regular visitor to our family seder always regales us with his bear hunting stories. He is in fact, Russian, and would probably be very happy to be your regular procurer for bears if you manage to go through the supply on your small island home. ;)

With a name like Vadim, he cannot avoid being awesome, I suppose ;)

Also, either this is the first you've blogged it or I missed it before -- I'm glad to hear your diet is working! (Mine came together last year, and I want that feeling for everybody now. So: woohoo!)

Bwahahahahaha! Fantastic!

I know a bear hunter in Maine. She uses doughnuts covered in syrup. Sounds suspiciously like pinterest food to me.

I get to see you in a month! And I'm gonna hug the bear-eating crap out of you.

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