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Oh, Budapest... Did you know that the Austro-Hungarian Empress Elizabeth, she of the "Sisi" fame, the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph, preferred Budapest to Vienna (for which the Hungarians loved her and Austrians muttered), and spoke fluent Hungarian?

I live only about 400 km southwestward, yet I've never been there. Your Budapest sounds magical, like everything you touch suddenly gets this strange glow. I wonder what mine would be like.

And I hope you had that goulash with lots of good polenta. That is, after all, the proper way to eat it! :-)

You must go to the baths whilst you're there!

That's planned for the weekend!

You are making me fall so much in love with this place my father's family is from and no one has had the will and courage to go back to. By all rights I was half in love with it before; I've heard so many stories in tiny snippets and rifled through my grandfather's paintings so many times, but those are all old men's stories, my family's, but only half mine. I've never heard about the gorgeous patchwork city from a point of view anything at all like my own before, I've never had anyone else's goulash to know if I've got my grandmother's recipes right, only old men's memories of their mother's cooking. And so on.

It makes me cry a little. Thank you for sharing these. Thank you for the added motivation to make it there someday, now that the language barrier and the cold war have faded.

*hugs* Come back. It is a troubled and beautiful places. But so is everywhere.

Also, I have found that the trouble with the paprikash/goulash I've made is too much cream in one (should be red-orange, not light orange) and not enough paprika (and I had been using A LOT) in both.

Szentendre is fun - and only a short train journey away!

Wow. I've always wanted to go there, so these posts are travel porn! Will you post pictures anywhere?

Yep, when I get back to regular internet.

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