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Letters from Proxima Thule

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I'm glad he asked and glad you shared - it sounds wonderful

Thank you for sharing this; I don't get to travel much and would dearly like to, so it's a lovely gift. Also fascinating to me because I wrote a strange little story set in Buda before it was joined to Pest.

Engine Summer is one of my favorite of John Crowley's books!

I wish I wrote this eloquently when I went to Eastern Europe...it's one of my favorite places on earth.

So glad you're liking Engine Summer -it's my favorite Crowley.

Your descriptions sound beautiful. I especially liked the architectural things you described.

I have a co-worker friend whom is from Budapest. I love hearing her stories about it and this is a gorgeous snapshot of your time there. I hope your stay stretches long and lovely.

Oh, oh, you get to read Engine Summer in Budapest; how splendid.


Thank you for sharing another piece of your world with us.

Marvelous!! Takes me back to college and my Hungarian classes :D

I, too, love the small windows into your experience, and I've a thing for travelogues so that's particularly delightful. Thank you for writing about someplace I've never been but have been hesitatingly unsure about visiting. (I don't know if I can eat anything there, and that makes it nervously less fun for me.) All the artistry and architecture everywhere makes it sound more appealing, though.

What are you allergic to? I'm lactose intolerant and though it's taken some thought, I've gotten by ok. I might be able to help steer you toward food that is ok.

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