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You’ve helped me understand, all of a sudden, that I was looking out from my rich, safe, beloved castle of the library over the bottomless moat of ignorance at people who were ignoring the nearby, perfectly accessible and freely available drawbridge. Nuts to them.

In the 90s, there was an otherwise-forgettable movie with Lara Flynn Boyle and Stephen Baldwin called Threesome. The best part is Lara Flynn Boyle nearly having an orgasm in a library because one of the love-interests has an awesome vocabulary. Her afterglow line is to say, breathlessly "God, I love big words."

So, yes. What you said..


Dear Ms. Cat:

I'm not sure exactly where you found the viewport to my soul, but you regularly speak my truth more beautifully and clearly than I could ever hope to. You manage to put into words all the things I've felt and believed but never quite managed to articulate. You write things, to steal your turn of phrase, that go bong in my bones. This is just the most recent.

Bless you for that. Some day I am going to come to a convention or something for the express purpose of giving you a hug.


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