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They don't seem to see that disagreement and dislike are not always coming from the same place, even when they are about the same thing.

I like this observation very much. It's something I've struggled with myself - trying to disentangle my dislike of how an argument is phrased or who is making it from my disagreement with it, and trying to be certain that my response is rooted in the latter and not the former.

Thanks for saying that about the Theft of Swords comment thread. It really feels relevant to this discussion because at the time I kept puzzling over the question of why this particular review had become the focus for so much outrage. We'd published angrier, harsher reviews, or of more popular authors, and of course plenty of reviews by women, but somehow this one caught fire. As I said, I don't doubt that Liz's gender played a role in the kind of conflagration that occurred, but why it happened feels like a more complicated question.

Yeah, there was clearly a lot of fanrage going on as well as a whole lot of sexism. I definitely caught a few whiffs of a geek fallacy or two as well - and probably other stuff. It was like this perfect storm of everything that makes people explode on the internet.

I would like to say that I think that's how it often happens now, that the worst sexism tends to be when it hardest to tease out and it's mixed with other stuff.

But then I think: Wisconsin. And "money isn't as important to women." And tons more stuff that just makes me depressed.

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