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Okay. I'm not tired of being polite. I'm sorry I offended you.

You cannot possibly be 'tired of being polite' because you have not started doing so.

You're also, apparently, not tired of being passive-aggressive.

This isn't anybody's first time at the rodeo here. "I'm sorry I offended you" is a nonpology, particularly when you cut and paste it into every comment; it's a way of saying "it's a pity that you reacted that way."

I'm sure you thought you were being very clever there. You weren't.

I don't have a lot to add and I would think people have better things to talk about today, but if you responded four times, it would be rude to ignore you.

Yes, when people reacted more strongly than I expected, I pushed back a little, not to say anyone's points were wrong, just that the level of hostility was unexpected. No, I didn't say or mean "it's a pity that you reacted that way." That's why I used a first-person pronoun. I meant that I didn't expect strong replies to a comment that I intended essentially to elicit more information, and that if I'd anticipated the reaction, I would have phrased things differently or said nothing at all. I am sorry that the way I phrased things triggered a strong response. I didn't intend to offend her. I may not have phrased that perfectly, so I tried again later in a different post.

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