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Yes, I've seen a lot of this, especially at the cons. Everyone seems to be made of nice. Last year or the year before at Dragoncon a whole panel of writers and editors struggled to say something nice about Twilight. It was painful to watch.

It wasn't just Dragoncon, 'cause I wasn't there but I still got treated to a panel's worth of opinion that widespread bashing of Twilight was basically misogyny in action -- that because Twilight is concerned with feminine things, like The All-Importance of Getting The Guy, it was worthy of hate and ridicule.

And yes, well, I don't deny there's a component of there in the bashing trend, but is there not also room for criticizing Twilight for propogating to young women the very idea of the All Importance of Getting the Guy as the *defining* feminine concern? Not to mention idealizing abusive and controlling boyfriends?

The panel's response to a rebuttal along those lines was basically "Don't be ridiculous, young women aren't in danger of being brainwashed by messages in young adult novels. What, do you also blame video games for violence?"


I'm baffled by the amount of these 'subtle' messages spread all over the place - putting up with abusive behavior, giving up their plans, choosing colleges to follow their boyfriends, sacrifices upon sacrifices. And if (rare case) she gets to throw a jerk out, in the end... she gets a better guy.

I've seen all this TW empowering mess as well. Reminds me of old discussions about Rowling's progressiveness - see, she's got this one gay character...

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