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I couldn't agree more with the basic argument of the post - that women should be able to be opinionated, and even assholes on the Internet, without getting death threats or rape threats just like guys can. But I think that you understate the extent to which Sady Doyle _was_ being an asshole in her post. It wasn't just pointing out the women and race issues in Game of Thrones - it was suggesting that this was because George RR Martin was into the rape himself. When Alyssa Rosenberg disagreed with her in a blogpost, saying that she thought the books were feminist, Doyle accused her on Twitter of being a faux-feminist backstabber who was selling out to Big Nerd ("“Feminist?” Can’t find a way to promote your work? Attack high-trafficked posts by other women, play into nerd martyr complex, get $$$!"). This is just a tiny point - the big problem is exactly as you state it. But I thought that the point would have come across better if you'd been clearer in the main post that yes Sady Doyle was writing deliberately so as to piss people off (she said as much in her post), but so what? That doesn't justify rape threats.

And Priest wasn't writing to deliberately piss people off?

So Sady wasn't nice, she played to an internet audience that enjoys hyperbole, just as male bloggers everywhere do? I said that in the post.


I generally really like Sady. Her letter to Leslie Knope, the main character on Parks and Rec remains one of my all time fav pieces of writing.

But her response to Alyssa Rosenberg was truly horrible. I was really looking forward to a good discussion between the two of them. Both are good writers with thoughtful opinions on feminism, media, entertainment and culture. And Sady just shit on her.

This is what she said: "The “girl who speaks up for the boys” girl is just not someone that I tend to have a lot of respect for"

I mean WTF.

No one is perfect all the time. What was said to Sady online was far worse, and the point of bringing it up in this post.

It's amazing to me how many comments here are saying "but Sady was mean/wrong/ignorant/bad" and defending GoT from the accusations of /another blogger/ to me. Surely not the point.

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