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I am a reader with no authorship aspirations, and I agree with you about this. Raking a book, or half-a-dozen books, over the coals is one thing; even negative reviews can be valuable. The personal-attacks angle is something else entirely; it does him no credit, and besmirches his personal credibility.

And the person downthread who trotted out the old "you need a thicker skin" canard can go suck rocks thru a bendy straw. There's nothing wrong with telling people that they need to display some manners, and saying there is is Square #1 on the bully-bingo card.

The person suggesting a thicker skin is required is one of the people on the receiving end of the bullying being discussed.

Tthere's a conflation here; writers *do* need to have thick skins, and not be "devastated" simply because another writer attacks their work as unworthy, or even makes snide comments about their writing ability. But I don't understand why that means we mustn't call out the person dishing out the criticism. "You shouldn't let this asshole get to you", indeed. But there's nothing wrong with pointing out the asshole.

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