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It's complicated. Labour should be the left party but decided to be almost the same as the conservatives on the centre-right, leaving the UK with no-one left of centre. After a few years of this, lefty voters decided they'd had enough of the authoritarian bullshit (seriously: bio-ID cards and intrusions of privacy, wars, letting the banks go totally unregulated causing the recession, all kinds of stuff). Problem is, the only alternatives were a) the Tories (conservative party) who are even farther right, or the 'Liberal Democrats' who are supposed to be centrist but groovier. Lots of voters are clueless and just voted for the other big team (Tories) without... remembering the whole of the 1980s I guess.

So the left-vote got split and we ended up with Tories + LDs in coalition because no-one got enough votes to win outright.

At which point the LD politicians rolled over and stopped fighting the Tories at all, and the conservatives went feral overnight and started doing stuff no-one even imagined.

So it's not the voters who chose the current position, it's the politicians selling them out (to the point of breaking pledges they *signed* before the election, and doing stuff that contradicts the ideals on the back of the party's membership card.)

So we're left with a suddenly-super-right Tory party, a still-centre-right 'opposition' Labour party, and the Lib Dems who are now so HATED and pointless to vote for that they're on less than 10% support and will be dead for a generation. And because our voting system sucks, the Greens and everyone else *cannot* get in no matter what.

The Lib Dems shouldn't be able to agree with the Tories on anything, but they're helping to pass loads of these bills, so I guess some of them were more right-wing than people realised, yeah.

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