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The Conservatives weren't actually elected. They did not have a sufficient majority to form a government, till their traditional opponents the Liberal Democrats climbed happily into their pocket and fell fast asleep.

My own tinfoil-hat nutcase theory is that a bunch of posh Tory boys at public school got together in 1989 or whenever and drew straws to see who would take control of which party and deliver it up to the Tories, fulfilling the agenda of the sainted Thatcher. "New Labour" is Conservative Lite. We have no viable alternative to the right wing, and yes, we're going down in flames.

I just realised this last night. Whatever its ideals may once have been, however much good it may have done in the past, Conservatism/Republicanism right here right now is actually equivalent to deliberate national self-harm. Your country and mine are two teenagers in black sitting in their rooms cutting themselves with knives and it has to be stopped.

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