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Because it's very risky. People get beaten for dancing or chanting, and crowds are controlled and herded, with LRADs deployed nearby as a reminder of what might happen if things get too crazy. There is a much higher cost to truly dissenting, persistently dissenting. Combined with the relatively high quality of life we have in America, this really keeps a lot of folks from, well, protesting too much. Those that do are monitored heavily and acted against when they do anything genuinely rebellious against the authorities.

This is not an excuse; I agree with you completely. But this is what I see.

I agree too, but I think people remember Kent State, and don't personally want to be martyrs, or maimed, given what the price of getting yourself fixed up has risen to.

I grew up protesting. Going to sit-ins, sitting in politicians offices until they came out to listen to us, carrying signs, and chanting and lighting candles, sending letters, and organizing phone trees. I think it worked then. I'm not sure that all the peaceful protest in the world will work now. I want it to, believe me, I do. I just am uncertain that our tide is large enough to erode their rock.

The longer I live in the States, the more I feel that I'm living in a hijacked culture that is filled with immature and callous leaders, who don't represent the needs and desires of their populace.

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