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This. I used to (TMI Alert) get horrific bladder infections when I lived in Edinburgh. Like, with the screaming pain and the peeing bright red blood and all that other fun stuff. My friends had to drag me across town to hospital late one night and you know how much it cost? Fucking ZILCH. For a visit to the hospital and tests and medication. Not a quid. Ditto for when I got what I think was pleurisy. Again when I started having heart palpitations and they did blood tests and EKGs.

If any of that had happened in the States - where I currently am, unemployed and with no health insurance - I would have been fucked within an inch of my life. They charged me 120.00 at a doc-in-the-box a few years ago to tell me I had the flu. They charged a friend (drank too much, had to get a saline drip) 900 dollars for re-hydration.

Fuck this country. Fuck the people struggling to fuck the UK over. Don't let them take the NHS. It is an awesome, precious thing despite any kinks it may have, it is your fucking right as citizens, and you should hang anyone who tries to say otherwise from the fucking Tyburn tree.

Can you tell I feel rather strongly about this?

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