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Why just Maine? Why not extend this offer to anywhere in the US, or the world?

I hope that authors who are financially able to do so will consider following your example. If I ever write something that would cause schools to want me as a speaker, I pledge to do the same in Washington.

I hope so, too, and you are awesome to start that off.

This is a beautiful thing to do for the students around you. Bravo.

Bravo to you!

I hate public speaking. I have a speech impediment caused by a birth defect. Sometimes I wonder if I wrote because I can tell stories without ever having to listen to the sound of my voice.

But reading this? I feel like I need to get over myself. Kids need positive reinforcement, especially from those of us who have the decks stacked against us.

I am not a huge fan of it, honestly. I have to do it a lot, so I've gotten over abject fear, but I'm always nervous, and it can be such a challenge to get kids involved. I've started asking them to beep me when I use a word they don't understand while reading the book, and once one kid is brave enough to start, that tends to liven things up a little.

Screw the thousand-dollar coat with the one local ingredient. This is how you invest in a community. Brava, Cat.

You are fucking amazing! =)


Brava, a thousand times brava.

You are absolutely amazing. I know some English teachers at my old school district in Gardiner who would probably love to have you. :-)

I love that you do this (particularly since you skype with my class, ahem), but to give this to ALL THE CHILDREN OF MAINE is such an amazing, amazing gift. x

This is pure awesome. Maine is very lucky to have you, and I hope you inspire a lot of kids with your visits.

Yay Presque Isle! (My home town) I applaud your decision. I've never charged for k-12 events, except for travel.

Teachers shaped my life, too. Books and librarians helped raise me. Public education is the backbone of the American democracy and helping neighbors is always a good idea. I am cheering for you and the kids of Maine.

If only the politicians would understand this. Invest in public education and public libraries if the economy is going to keep evolving.

What a wonderful pledge! I envy all the students who will get to meet you and learn from you.

I have a friend who spends part of the year at a house on a bay in Maine. I don't know if she knows any educators up there, but I want to send your pledge (above) to her so she'll know about it and can pass on the word. Trouble is, I couldn't find any contact info for you. If a teacher wants to get hold of you to arrange a visit, how would that happen?

I hope other writers follow your example!


You can contact me through my website, or at my first name at gmail.

Wow. How inspiring is this? Seriously, I'm humbled.

For many years I've made a large part of my living as an artist, but never entirely. I've recently decided to take the plunge and make it full time by early summer. One of the ways I've been considering to make $ is...school visits.

Talk about timing.

I WILL be doing public school visits for free, now. Thank you so very, very much. Pay it forward.

P.S. I live in Brunswick, Maine.

That's great! Go you. I wonder if there's some kind of mailing list for the low-budget schools that might not think to ask your publicist or check the website since they know they can't afford any fees, to publicize the opportunity a bit.

I know that it has been sent to the ME Libraries list, which includes both teachers and librarians, including a bunch of the smaller school districts.

I'm not a Mainer, but as someone who cares about and wants to be involved in teaching, I have to say: thank you. Thank you so much for doing this, for all the kids of Maine, for all those who might be touched by it. This is a wonderful, wonderful idea, so thank you.

You are a teacher too. And now more than ever. And this is wonderful. And I hope Maine takes you up on this. This is good food.

I want to tell all the Maine teachers! But the closest I can get is all the NH librarians, which isn't the same thing at all. :) But maybe I'll tell them anyway.

Shared this post with some folks on Facebook, who are teachers in Maine schools. (including my own 6th grade teacher). It's a great thing to do, and as one of those kids who attended inland Maine schools that didn't even have the money to provide textbooks to our AP history class, I appreciate it.


I cannot even express how proud I am to tangentially-via-the-internets know you.


As the daughter of a librarian, and the aunt of a not-quite-yet-school-aged little boy in Portland, I love you so hard right now. Reading this just made me tear up a little.

Awesome! I hope you can pass forward the interest, passion, and love of stories that your teachers cultivated in you. Go you.


As a librarian: I salute you.

I think that's absolutely lovely of you! I went to public schools myself - most of them very poor - and I remember how in elementary and middle school is just absolutely made our day to have someone come in from outside the school to read to us, or sing to us, or put on a little play, or anything really. A lot of kids like that never had anyone at home to even feed them, let alone read to them or encourage them to do so.

This is really lovely. I grew up in the South Portland school system, both private and public, and while a handful of authors came to speak at my public schools (the only one that I really remember is Rodman Philbrick, who did a writing workshop with a few of us who were nominated by teachers and who also lives in Maine), I knew even as a kid when I was talking online to other kids in New York and in Boston and hearing the kinds of things that they did that my schools didn't have the same kind of resources. I love that you're extending this to private schools as well, because they're not all Waynfletes or Cheveruses; the one that I went to for a few years is struggling to even stay open and I doubt they could afford much in the way of author fees. I'm really glad you're doing this.

As a high school teacher, I thank you for being that awesome and giving back to the schools that made you.

As a former student, some of my best memories of are of an artist-in-residence program one year with an actor who decided we were all so much fun he'd stick around for a little longer than planned. We rewrote Macbeth as a comedy with him and put it on. It was an amazing experience. I want others to have that sort of amazing experience and I'm sure you will help.

A fantastic thing you're doing. Do these talks contribute much to your income overall? I know for some of the Aussie authors it's a resonable slab of their earnings.

It can be a pretty significant income source, yeah.

Whst s great way to pay forword. I admired you as a writer without really knowing you. Now I hope to get to know the person as well.

I grew up in South Portland - Dyer, Memorial, and SPHS. My mother is an ed tech at Kayler. My mother in law teaches 5th grade in Wells. I just finished (finally) reading fairyland and LOVED it. I will be passing this info on!

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