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Your post is all kinds of awesome.

I enjoy the exercise of local sourcing, and if I tend to think most about food (it's that whole shipping lots of refrigerated water around thing - dry goods do not perturb me nearly as much*) that's not the only place where it's relevant. Heck, there are some fairly major security concerns, if that is the sort of thing one might be concerned about, in both electronics and electronic components - I've done some moderately serious US sourcing of components (they're available, if usually a bit more expensive). And if one is going to go through the intellectual exercise, um, well, the article does seem to be a pretty superficial exploration.

And it seems like such an odd choice. Because high end textiles, and high end clothing items, are some of the things that have been traded across great distances even when trade itself was very expensive, right up there with spices, dyestuffs, medicines, jewels and jewelry...

* The single thing along these lines I've enjoyed most recently? K bought a soy-milk maker, and I found a place that will sell us bulk organic soy beans. Not even local bulk organic soy beans (they're grown, but only as animal feed). But now we just make soy-milk when we want it, and buy 25 pound bags of soy beans every quarter or so.

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