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Letters from Proxima Thule

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I'm still trying to find my feet on Etsy. I like the concept of a venue to sell stuff that I make, that is accessible to people anywhere and where I don't have to show up somewhere at a particular time. And, I love making things and creating. Figuring out pricing is still a challenge for me--I mean, I know how much I spend on materials, but I really have no idea how to value my labor--so on some stuff I seem to undervalue it and on some stuff I worry that I'm overvaluing it. But, I figure if my tendonitis is flaring up and I have blisters after working a project maybe I should charge more for the labor involved.

One of the things that continuously perplexes me on Etsy, a site with an emphasis on handmade, is how their vintage category often seems to get more attention than anything else.

Also the part where they allow shops to sell unlicensed DC Comics super heroes costumes.

But, I still hope that it will offer me a chance to fund my creativity. And it gives me a project to work on sometimes, so that I can carve out a bit of identity for myself other than SAHM.

Things like this, though, where people crow about how local they've been, when really they just want to be on-trend irritates me. I love the idea of the local movement, because, yeah, most definitely, cutting carbon footprint and supporting the people in your community is wonderful. I loved reading your commentary on this, because it was just so spot on and astute and really picking up on the divergence between the story and the reality.

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