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When the holidays come around, look me up on Artfire or Zibbet (shop name- DantesSpirit), I'm always up for bartering for handmade pottery.

Heck, I'm up for batering any time. Especially for handmade pottery.}:P

mebbe we need a "barter" community on lj or dw? (have no idea if such a thing already exists, but it might well be contrary to some terms of usage of our Russian Corporate overlords)

I think DW would be more amenable to it that the current LJ overlords, honestly.}:)

True, dat... it's why I aired the possibility.

(finally got around to reading the article that spawned this, and I totally get why magnets are preferable to holes in felt... but am still frustrated by "local" as a brand.)

Yeah, local as a brand makes me twitch too.

Cool! I'm up for bartering anytime, too! (I'm on etsy, tho - I should check out other sites!)

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