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Laces would require cutting the garment, too, though. I suppose she could have added a ribbon tie instead, though seems unlikely she'd try to locally source the ribbon.

She could have spun about 10ft of yarn, corded it (spun it back on itself a few times, I mean, not kumihimo or something), and had something plenty strong enough to serve as laces or as loops for buttons. She could even have felted the yarn into the fabric of the coat.

Yeah, the article praises the magnets as brilliant, but it just struck me as weird and not in keeping with the spirit of the project. There are so many options, and I'm not actually a clothing designer! Also, the author of the article didn't actually make anything herself. That's /too/ local, I guess.

Frog closures. Like buttons, but without any of that pesky fabric-cutting. :-D

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