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That's true, and I said that I was lowballing the profit because coats are not my living--but part of the reason manufacturing took over was that there were too many people to handmake coats one at a time. The time cost was too much. There are still too many people, and neither is the $900 coat in question a solution on any scale. But the experiment was not to clothe a town, so I felt ok about using just one jacket, which would of course be a pleasure for me to make because I like doing it, rather than try to scale up my imaginary operation, which is really not doable at all--but neither is her method.

In which, by the way, she makes none of it herself but only pays others (a whole lot, at least one other, the designer. In my experience 2.2 pounds of alpaca just isn't very expensive, and the labor in carding and felting straight fleece, as she acknowledges, is really not much) to do it so that she can blog about it, so I'm not sure what the difference between that and just buying a coat. Locality, which that jacket has little enough of, adds all important moral fiber I guess. But it would be super weird to make a blog post saying "I bought a coat for $900 today! I am saving the economy!"

Heh - inDEED. Makes me wonder what blogging for Etsy pays, frankly - and that's not meant in a mean-spirited way.

Emphasizing the appeal of local crafts is value-added for Etsy, and in much the same way that I have to applaud Martha Stuart for her part in building a personal empire out of crafting to the point of helping to inspire this "renaissance," I tip my hat to them for managing to present such a folksy, down-home exterior to an operation that has to be making bank. It's an interesting feedback cycle.

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