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May I bow at your feet (and then massage them)?

I am disgusted with the branding of "local". And I live in the magic bubble that is northern California, spitting distance from Sonoma....

(I think part of the solution to the old economy/$900 coat is barter. I make stuff, and I'm getting *good* at it, and will happily trade custom hand-crafted items for what-have-you, because I *like* making things for my friends...)

Exactly--I am almost positive I could barter for everything needed to make this coat, and would then /happily barter the coat/ for something of equal time investment that I need. Whenever I have a book come out I offer copies for barter from people who genuinely can't afford the price tag in cash. No one ever takes me up on it though.

I barter at the holidays - knitters and jewelry makers would like to give pottery, I'd like to give something that ISN'T pottery... win/win.

Barter is awesome. And is a lot older than frakkin' etsy, the local sourcing glee club, the new economy OR the old economy.

When the holidays come around, look me up on Artfire or Zibbet (shop name- DantesSpirit), I'm always up for bartering for handmade pottery.

Heck, I'm up for batering any time. Especially for handmade pottery.}:P

mebbe we need a "barter" community on lj or dw? (have no idea if such a thing already exists, but it might well be contrary to some terms of usage of our Russian Corporate overlords)

I think DW would be more amenable to it that the current LJ overlords, honestly.}:)

True, dat... it's why I aired the possibility.

(finally got around to reading the article that spawned this, and I totally get why magnets are preferable to holes in felt... but am still frustrated by "local" as a brand.)

Yeah, local as a brand makes me twitch too.

Cool! I'm up for bartering anytime, too! (I'm on etsy, tho - I should check out other sites!)

I'll barter with you. Get back to me.

Sure, email me at my first name at gmail.

Shall do once I'm crafting again. There was this whole thing with emigrating in one suitcase, but this weekend I buy a dremel and resume making all the things.

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