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I can tell you're a writer ;)

I recently pissed off an etsy blogger with similar points. The "top 100 sellers" we're that high on the list because they were selling necklaces for $4.58. They say they were sterling. Now, I buy my findings wholesale but I can guarantee that I can NOT make a quality sterling necklace to sell at that price and make enough $ to buy a dinner, anywhere.

They are obviously resellers of Chinese or Thai goods, of dubious metal content.

Keep on, doing what you're doing. You write very much better than I do ;)


I'm sure if that blogger finds this post she will be very upset with me.

Etsy has a lot of those kinds of sellers--and others who all mysteriously have the exact same "hand-printed/screened shirt" in their shops. There's no way to stop it really, but it sucks.

There's no way to stop it, because etsy likes the $, but they sure go after actual artisans: http://blogs.houstonpress.com/artattack/2012/01/etsy_closes_azreals_accomplice.php

Some days I seriously think about whether I should leave etsy, but then I'd have to think about selling at craft fairs and the like - and the point of using etsy in the first place was not having to invest in a tent, displays, ways to safely transport a lot of pottery, not to mention insane booth fees. But the last few years the company has really gotten both more self-righteous AND more sleazy.

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