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depending on how local you wanted to GET.. there is hemp fabric. we are no longer ALLOWED to grow it, but we used to, and they still do in Canada.

she is MAD. it will be far far too war for her, and staticy as all hell.
should have stuck with either unlined, linen lined, or cotton lined.

agreed with you.

Yeah, I didn't even think about the fact that you don't need to line it at all. And that, locally speaking, you don't really need a big old wool coat in Napa Valley.

Unfortunately, last time I checked (admittedly, several years ago), the varieties of hemp that were really good for clothing were almost wiped out, first because of lowered demand for it, and then later because of narcotics laws. I went looking for spinning fiber specifically, and nice stuff was really hard to find. It may have changed now.

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