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Things Which Are Happening
c is for cat

Tonight I am reading at the NYRSF event at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art!

It’s an Under the Moons of Mars event, so I’ll be reading from my Barsoom story. I hope to see some of you there–I have been trying not to overbook myself while in NY, with the effect of not seeing as many friends as usual. Also: must acquire soup dumplings to complete my travel tradition!

Also, my story Urchins, While Swimming is now up at PodCastle! It’s beautiful, and has singing!

I’ll be back home tomorrow. It’s been a good trip, with much fun. But my own bed awaits. I had a dream that we had to evacuate earth and populate another planet due to s comet or whatever and they made us leave our pets behind. So I’ll be needing to cuddle my dogs and my cat!

Lastly, seanan_mcguire’s new novel Discount Armageddon is out today–go find yourself a copy if you know from awesome!

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they made us leave our pets behind

like our pets would let that happen... most cats just pack themselves.

I hope, one day, you are going to collect all these marvellous stories into one volume, so we can read them again and again and again.

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