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I like your Tumblr. I have been working toward some unfuckery myself, on many of the same issues. I have done it more gradually, though, with one or two focuses at a time. I have mastered wearing a little makeup most days (I take weekends off), but I do need to check out this eye primer business you mentioned. I have mastered flossing my teeth, also with weekends off. I stopped drinking soda, mostly. I am working on eating more fruits and vegetables. Now I'm trying to get more sleep, and also to get to work earlier. This is incredibly hard for me. I love being up all night. But I have read that lack of sleep makes you fat and stressed, and I'm definitely fat and stressed. After I achieve some success on the sleep front, my goals are:
1. Learn to meditate. Or something else that helps with stress. Tai Chi?
2. Organize my stuff, and reduce my inventory. I am kind of a low-grade hoarder.
3. Get more active.

It looks like I'm doing it all at once because I'm all DAY ONE EXCITE. It won't last. It's a long project. Also I have guests incoming and I'm in NYC next week, so, you know.

The people who say "life's a marathon, not a sprint" are marathon runners. If you're a sprinter, sprint. Just put a bunch of sprints together.

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