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OMG Nebula! OMG Philcon!
c is for cat


I was at Boskone all weekend, which was crazy and wonderful by turns. It’s been about eight months since I’ve been to a con and it was amazing to not be burned out on cons while at one. I really needed the rest, and I was so happy to see my friends.


I heard the news right before Boskone and couldn’t tell anyone while I was there! Even at the Clarkesworld reading where I read form Silently and Very Fast! Which is what was nominated! In the novella category! EEEEEEEE!

Seriously, this is insane. I wrote Silently for WSFA because I was the GOH at Capclave. Normal people give them short story reprints or a trunk novel. But I got it into my head that I should write an original AI story because then I could commit SF without anyone being all PLZ STAPLE YOUR DEGREE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE TO ALL SUBMISSIONS. From scratch, digging up an idea I’d been nesting on since I first moved to Ohio a million years ago but didn’t know enough about AI to write, a long, long story that was not long enough to be a novel but too long to be a short story. And then of course the deadline came as I was so exhausted from touring I was nearly catatonic.

It is what you call an unlikely contender. This is, in fact, my first Nebula nomination. The Andre Norton Award is Not a Nebula, as stated by large and bolded print in the rules. If I manage to get nominated for a Stoker some year, I’ll have the royal flush of nominations (Hugo, Nebula, WFA, and Stoker). No wins, but I’ve been nominated. I’ve been invited to the game. It’s a big deal to me, personally, and especially because SAVF is my first major work of SF as opposed to fantasy. It’s a work that I’d been planning for five years, learning and researching so I could get smart enough to write it. It means maybe there’s room for me in the science fiction club, after all.

Speaking of, my other big news is that a lovely gentleman waited in my signing line (I had a signing line! It was long! Wow!) so that he could ask me in person to be the Principal Speaker/GOH at Philcon 2012 this fall. Philcon is the oldest SF convention in the country, and I am floored to be asked. So I will see you all in Jersey just north of Thanksgiving, right?

It has been a long weekend of silent, repressed squeeing. Now I squee from the rooftops.

Yawp, too.

It is for times like this I made this icon.

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Congratulations times a million, Cat!!! :)

w00t! Congratulations ma'am! :D

Neat! I've heard of Philcon and I've wanted to go for a few years now.

Well, you'll see us at Philcon, which isn't in Philly anymore. Hasn't been for a few years now.

Yes. And a location ridiculously inaccessible to public transportation.

That's so awesome, Cat!

(Aaand I've been reading The Hunger Games too much, nearly typed "Catniss" instead of "Cat". Catniss is totally one of those character names I wish I'd thought of.)

I don't know...it's so close to cat piss it kind of squicks me.

That...didn't even cross my mind until now. Until I read the book, I thought it was spelled "Catness", which I think is adorable. :/

Whoops, it's spelled "Katniss" in the book. Does that make it any better for you, or is it more of a phonetic thing?

[Edit] She's named after a plant called katniss. What I love is that the plant's genus is Sagittaria, and Katniss the character is known for her abilities with archery.

Edited at 2012-02-21 07:13 pm (UTC)

Huh. I totally missed that bit of wordplay.

Congrats, and see you at Philcon!

Fantastic! Congratulations, and it's wonderful that when you step through something slowly sometimes it works out so beautifully! I'm a fan of the "this isn't done cooking yet" slow creation model of writing sometimes; it sounds like that really paid off for you here.

Congrats Congrats Congrats!!!

Congratulations on all counts!

I was so sorry to miss Boskone this year

I had been hoping to be there to have you sign my copy of Robots: The Recent A.I. which came out just before the con.

Congratulations, heartily! I really love your science fiction because it makes me feel let in rather than shut out. I got quite used to reading science fiction that wanted to shut me out and thumbing my nose at it, but sometimes one's thumb just gets tired.

That's not the only reason I like it, mind you.


Edited at 2012-02-21 10:08 pm (UTC)

This may be my favorite thing anyone's said about my sf. That it comes from you means all the more.

I am so happy to hear about your Nebula nomination. I did manage to make it to the Clarkesworld reading, but I was very foggy on Sunday and thought you were signing at 3pm, not 1pm. [sad face] My own fault for missing you, really. But we have many of your books on the shelves at my shop, and we have pre-orders in for the paperback release of GIRL WHO CIRCUMNAVIGATED.

I have always enjoyed Philcon, and it will be excellent to see you as a guest there.

Congrats on the Nebula, although to be truthful I was pulling for Deathless.

Congrats! That is a big deal! Despite reading almost zero fiction and rarely emerging out from under my rock, I still know what a Nebula is. And for an outsider like me to know this, that means "This is a big fucking deal."



I have a computer science degree, and I'll take a story by an actual writer (as long as the writer knows that programs don't come on magnetic tape anymore and that a computer that's turned off can't be "hacked" even by the most skilled hackmeister in the land of Hackdom) over a story by a computer geek who's showing off.

Congratulations on your nomination.

To echo the ones I yelled to you while Ferrett was on the phone, CONGRATULATIONS!

I am about halfway through Silently and Very Fast. I love it.

Congratulations. You deserve it. Silently and Very Fast is a fantastic story. One of my absolute favorites.

congratulations! (and it was nice to finally meet you!)

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