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Letters from Proxima Thule

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Annie Dillard's slim tome "The Writing Life" is buoyant with the idea that one can look inwards to find vast landscapes. My yoga instructors would agree.

I travel passionately. I speak various languages, and have spent a third of my life overseas. Yet as I grow older and witness more of the world, I find myself appreciating the sentiment that "all the adventure and love and beauty you will ever need can be found in your own backyard."

I think every traveler must decide for herself whether the journey is to be inwards, or out.

German expresses the tension well. The word 'homesickness' has a companion similar to 'wanderlust'; the pain felt when one thinks of home, and the pain felt when one thinks of far places: Heimweh and Fernweh.

Weh in German means ache - which I find a most accurate term for the sensation.

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