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Two of these things I’ve mentioned on Twitter, but not during the high traffic hours, and one is brand new. I will tell you them properly now!

Starting Wednesday and going through February 26, I’ll be taking over Charlie Stross’s blog for the month. I’ll still post personal stuff here, but it’ll be essays and commentary over there. So if there’s an SF/futurist or writing process or genre or cultural or feminist/race/queer issues thing you’ve wanted me to take this is a great chance to tell me about it. It’s a completely different audience there, so I expect the sparks to fly at least once or twice.

Also! The Bread We Eat in Dreams has been chosen for Paula Guran’s Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2012! I’m so excited about this because I love that story, and also because I guess 2011 was just a spectacular short fiction year for me. I now have four different stories in four different Year’s Best anthologies. (The others are White Lines on a Green Field, The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland, and Silently and Very Fast.) This is unheard of for me, especially since one is a novella! I’m still amazed.

And lastly, I am over the moon to have been asked to teach at the Alpha Workshop this year–a writing workshop for teens held at the University of Pittsburgh right around Confluence time of year. (End of July.) I’ve wanted to be involved for awhile! And they asked me! I’ll be joining Tamora Pierce, Kij Johnson, and John Joseph Adams, so it should be a pretty spectacular workshop. Yay!

Now I drag myself to coffee and productivity. Autoaudiography post on the way.

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