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Letters from Proxima Thule

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Congratulations on being asked to teach at the workshop. :)

Starting Wednesday and going through February 26, I’ll be taking over Charlie Stross’s blog for the month.

Very cool.

agreqhgapreahgareh this is so ideal in every way

I hope Alpha is as magical for you as it's been in past years.

Yay for teaching at Alpha! I hope you come to Confluence, too.

Yay Alpha! I think I remember you talking about this at Hogswatch as a workshop Scion should look at? We may have to figure out a way to make it work since you're teaching. I will send him the link!

I wish I was young enough to go to Alpha! SO AMAZING.

So if I and other Cleveland friends drive to Pittsburgh at the end of July we can buy you dinner?

Yes! I was thinking about how close it is...

Sounds like an awesome plan to me! I know a great Ethiopian place there.

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