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Letters from Proxima Thule

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I agree with you that the sexist bullshittery needs to stop. Ditto the critique of a stage name, 'cause that's just dumb.

But I also think that critiquing her music and performance is legit. It's her job, one she gets paids big heaping wads of cash to do, and she went on record to talk about how she wasn't going to practice for SNL, and how music isn't really her priority-- yet she's going after A list gigs. Televised gigs, even. So, you know-- when there's a terrible stinker of a performance, it's totally legit to say so. As a performer who gets horrid stage fright, I can totally sympathize with how scary being up there can be, but if I blow off practice and then flub a major performance, I don't exactly expect people to treat me with kid gloves, you know?

It's totally legit to critique the performance, but it's gone way beyond that and far into personal foaming hatred. I hadn't heard the not practicing stuff.

Yeah, she mentioned that she wasn't practicing for SNL, didn't know what songs she was going to sing, and also said that when she's up onstage, sometimes she thinks about other things because performing doesn't really matter. (Two separate interviews a week before the date.)

So yeah, while a lot of the foaming hatred is a total reflection of our misogynist culture that makes singling women out waaaaaay too easy, a portion of it is that she's a heavily manufactured product who's being heavily hyped as the next big stand-and-sing sensation, but doesn't actually seem all that interested in being an artist or doing her job, by her own admission. Particularly among other musicians and artists, I could see how that attitude would amplify disdain.

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