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a few minutes with google

Kim Swift made Narbacular Drop (which became Portal): https://www.digipen.edu/fileadmin/website_data/gallery/game_websites/NarbacularDrop/

Jane McGonigal does ARGs: http://janemcgonigal.com/play-me/

Emily Short does interactive fiction: http://emshort.wordpress.com/my-work/

Sophie Houlden is a indie game dev. I think Linear RPG is particularly insightful and awesome: http://www.sophiehoulden.com/games/

Erin Robinson does adventure games: http://livelyivy.com/?page_id=122

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Re: a few minutes with google

Deirdra Kiai worked at Telltale and HotHead, and also makes her own experimental videogames ('The game that takes place on a cruise ship' challenges 'The girl who...' for longest acronym ever): http://www.deirdrakiai.com/

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