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Live on Google +

So tonight, at 10pm Eastern Standard and 7pm Pacific, I will be on a public Google Hangout Interview/Discussion with authors A.V. Flox (known to you LJers as besideserato), Jackie Summers, Mark Jeffrey, and Jason Goldman. We’ll be talking about writing process and other interesting things.

I’ve never used the G+ tech for this kind of thing before so I’m fascinated to see how it all turns out. So tune in to the New TV and see my office and my still-a-little-sick face on your glowybox!

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I've been using G+ a lot for work (meeting one-on-one with a collaborator at another school on a conference, and with my colleague and our six presenters en masse), and it's very nifty. I prefer the beta version with integrated access to docs, but that may be less relevant for the interview you're doing.

Alas, I'll be en route home (late night at work) when the chat happens, but good luck!

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