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In honor of the Ray Charles kick I've been on lately, "Night Time Is the Right Time"!

Have you tried thisismyjam.com yet?

Nope, I'll ask for an invite.

My readership generally has awesome taste though. Sometimes they introduce me to SJ Tucker and stuff I kind of sort of like like that. ;)

So I hope this works too!

This is the first thing I thought of. She's so delightfully kitschy.

Seconded. The first Jill Tracy song I'd heard, though I think Extraordinary is my enduring favorite.

Nightmare by Love Automatic

Addendum: A friend/lover got me into the band back when I lived in Edinburgh and I saw them play in Glasgow at the ABC. I can't hear them now without thinking of Scotland.

Paul Kelly: Midnight Rain. (Sorry, that video won't let me embed it. :( )

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I've been mainlining Florence for a while now!

I have so much love for this man's hair, it's not even funny.

Also this:

I love how slightly whimsical their cover is.

This is my very cheesy, totally overly dramatic, country music contribution: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZWpy7gweOA Then Came The Night. I think this is Trace Adkins, because I can't find the Tommy Shane Steiner cover which I kind of prefer, but my work computer is being flash-cranky, so I can't actually watch the video and check.

I love this idea! I do Spotify, so this is a great way to find new stuff to look up there!

I love this idea!

I just got Tori's new album last week, and personally I think it's stunning. But I think people's reaction to it will depend a lot on their relationship to/knowledge of classical music. It's very much a classical album; like it slipped out of some alternate universe where she didn't get kicked out of music school and became a concert pianist.

Anyway, here's a link to "Star Whisperer"; it's 10 minutes long, but I think it's worth it.

ETA: duh, the link! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtbifDVfWmw

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That is a deeply awesome piece!

"At night," from Benjamin Britten's opera The Turn of the Screw. This is from the excellent Glyndebourne production last summer, which I was lucky enough to attend.

[Warning for, well... read the plot of The Turn of the Screw.]


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"A Dragon's Lullaby", by Tom Smith.


Listen on Bandcamp:

Also, "Dragon Lullaby", from A Very Potter Musical.

Also, Heather Dale's "Mordred's Lullaby".

Bauhaus--In the Night

Death in June--In the Night Time

Echo & The Bunnymen--Killing Moon

Cranes--In the Night

Walker Brothers--Nite Flights

Egad, I'm sure I could go on all day with this!

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*eats all your links up with a spoon* Delicious, delicious stuff.

Midnight City by M83

This is my favorite night time song right now.

(Wow, I had no idea how creepy the video was until I went looking for it. I first heard it over a film montage at the movies.

Re: Midnight City by M83

YEAH M83. I love this song too, but I've never seen the vid!

This is such a good idea!

Everything from Massive Attack's album Mezzanine makes me think of nighttime, the hours just before dawn, but in particular this song, 'Group Four'. I love all their lyrics, but those of this song are particularly fantastic:

'Til daylight sends me home
flickering I roam.

Daydreaming, admiring being
quietly open the world
I hear the time of the starry sky
turning over at midnight.

Aw, -man-. I used to love audiography. I even posted there a few times; but that was in another country, long ago...

Also, yum, Florence. :9

Anyway. Much to my vague embarrassment, I spent a chunk of my morning listening to Panic! at the Disco, because I got rec'd a song that promptly got stuck in my head, and had never really listened to them before. I won't rec that, though. I will rec this, instead. Shoegazer Jpop from several years ago. This band (Plastic Tree) got me through a whole lot of 3 am.

the night slits her veins and the darkness drains and the void rumbles in like an underground train

Re: the night slits her veins and the darkness drains and the void rumbles in like an underground tr

Coil, nice!

From 2009, but a great piece for night music.

I remember that community! :) I will have to look over my collection (I'm re-ripping everything at a higher quality these days, but I am primarily listening to podcasts) to see what I can contribute. In the meantime, the suggestions here will be fantastic.

Also, hello! New blog follower here. :)

When I was a baby goth I loved this song.

And then when I was a music reviewer I listened the heck out of this one.

Nowadays I'm more likely to be listening to something like this.

I'm over the old big-band stylings but damn, what a voice.

here's my night music (which i first typed 'muse,' which maybe is actually more appropriate?) - akiko shikata's notte, from her first independant release.

(and now she's working as a game composer, which is wonderful. ♥ she used to have music on ... it seemed like almost every japanese final fantasy site? and a home at vagrancy - but now i need to catch up on everything she's released since then!)

Man she sounds awesome and also familiar, where might I have encountered her before, oh, the opening to Umineko no Naku Koro ni. I answered my own question but thank you for the song, because I should check out more of her work—it's fantastic.



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